Anthony's Pasta

1 Lb spaghetti cooked aldente
3 Large sweet yellow onions
Extra virgin olive oil
1 jar of imported whole anchovies
½ cup chopped pepperocini
3 cloves of thinly sliced garlic
Chopped Italian parsley
Salt and pepper

Save some of the pasta water after you cook your pasta.
Carmelize the 3 onions in olive oil until they are golden brown. After  the onions are carmelized
add the garlic, chopped anchovies and pepperocini. And then you can add about a ½ cup of
white wine and let it cook down a little bit with the onions.

In another sauce pan (while your onions are cooking) brown your breadcrumbs in olive oil and
sliced garlic, just until they are toasty brown,this will be the topping for your finished pasta.

Add your drained pasta to the saute pan with the onions and add about a ladle full of the left
over pasta water. Then add the chopped parsley after you add your pasta to the saute pan with
the onions.

Plate the pasta up and top it with your toasted breadcrumbs and more chopped parsley.