Chocolate Mousse
Serves 6

½ Lb of good quality bittersweet or
semi sweet chocolate
6 extra large eggs,separated
4 Tbls of amaretto or cordial of your choice
2 Cups of heavy cream
8 Tbls of sugar (separated 4 and 4)

Slowly melt chocolate over a water bath
Add the cordial and mix thoroughly.
Remove the chocolate from the water bath
and set aside
Separate the eggs and place the yolks in a small
Save  the egg whites in a separate bowl that you will
whip later.
Wisk 3 Tbls of water into the yolks.
Wisk the yolks constantly over the water bath,until you have
a custard like consistency. Blend into the melted chocolate
Place the chocolate mixture back into the water bath until
thorougly blended. Take out of the water bath and set  aside.

Beat 2 cups of the heavy cream with 4 Tbls of the sugar.
Beat until you have soft peaks. Then lightly fold into chocolate.
Beat egg whites until soft peak stage then add the remaining
4Tbls of sugar and continue until the egg whites are fluffy
Mix gently folding over and under with spatula.
Pour the mousse into a serving bowl.
Decorate with whipped cream,shaved chocolate and raspberries.