Pan Seared Scallops over
Roasted Pepper Pesto

2-3 servings
½ lb of Dry Scallops (dry boat scallops)
salt and pepper
2 Tbl olive oil
1 tsp sweet butter

Ingredients for pesto
½ cup ground almonds
4 roasted peppers
4 torn basil leaves
¼ tsp fresh oregano leaves or thyme
olive oil
salt and pepper

Method for pesto
In a food processor or blender,process the almonds
and roasted peppers to a puree.
Add the basil leaves and other herbs and process while
drizzling in olive oil. Process to a smooth consistency.
Correct seasoning with salt and pepper.
If the pesto is too thick,thin it with a little water or
vegetable broth.

Place spoonfulls of pesto on a platter and space evenly
for each scallop.

Method for searing scallops
In a iron skillet or a stainless steel saute pan
(Do not use a non-stick saute pan)
Pat scallops dry and season with salt and pepper.
Place olive oil in your saute pan and get it nice and hot.
Add your butter, and place your scallops in your pan,
do not crowd the scallops. Sear 2 minute per side,turn only
once and be sure not to move the scallops.
Place your perfectly seared scallops on your pool of  roasted pepper pesto. Garnish with
basil leaves and roasted pepper strips.