Prosciutto and Arugula Fig Rolls

6-7 slices of Prosciutto di Parma
1 log of goat cheese
4 Oz of cream cheese
1 jar of fig preserves
1 jar of roasted onion preserves
1 bunch of cleaned arugula
Mix together at room temperature the goat cheese and cream cheese.
Mix together the fig preserves and roasted onion preserves

On a clean surface layer the slices of  prosciutto overlapping to form a rectangle of 9” X 6”
with the short end facing you.
Spread the fig preseves over the lower half of the prosciutto.
Spread the cheese mixture over the upper half.
Place the cleaned arugula over the jam.
Carefully roll up and wrap in plastic.
Chill for at least one hour.
Slice and serve