Spinach Cannelloni

Components to have on hand

Crepspelle- makes 12
1 cup of flour
2 eggs
1 yolk
1cup of milk
Ground pepper
Ground nutmeg

Method for crepspelle
(You can make the batter for the crepspelle
several days in advance

In a large bowl place flour
Wisk to free of any lumps
Add the eggs and the yolk and
wisk to a paste.
Slowly add the milk while wisking continuously
for a smooth batter
Then set aside for 1 hour

Butter a 7 inch crepe pan and heat the pan and ladle
3 TBls of batter into the pan and swirling the batter over the
surface ot the pan
Cook on one side then flip and cook on the other side
Layer the crepes between wax paper and set aside
The crepes may be made the night before. Bring to room
temperture before filling.

Ingredients for balsamella
1 stick of sweet butter
¼ cup of flour
2 ½ cups of hot milk
Salt and pepper to taste and
nutmeg to taste.

Method for balsamella
Melt 1 stick of butter in a heavy bottomed pot
Add flour and wisk to a paste
Cook for 1 minute
Add hot milk and wisk until smooth and add

Ingredients for filling
2 boxes of frozen boxed spinach,
Defrosted,drained and squezzed dry.
2 Cups of ricotta
Grated chesse Parmigiano Reggiano or
Pecorino Romano
2 shallots chopped
½ cup of dried porcini mushrooms, reconstituted.
Salt and pepper and grated numtmeg

Method for the filling
Saute shallots in extra virgin olive oil until golden.
Add chopped porcini mushrooms, add the spinach and
Cook for about 2-3 minutes.
Season with salt and pepper and add to mixing bowl.
Mix in the ricotta,cheese, and season to taste.
Ladle a small amount of the balsamella and mix thoroughly.

Now you’re ready to fill the crepes.
Lay out your crepe on a piece of wax paper.
Ladle some balsamella in a casserole dish.
Take a heaping tablespoons of the filling and place
In the middle of the crepe. Roll the crepe away from you.
Place the seam side down into your casserole dish.
Continue filling the remaining crepes and top with balsamella
and grated cheese.
Then place into a 350 degree oven and bake for 25-30 minutes