Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Casserole
Makes 1 9X12 casserole

3-4 sweet potatoes,thinly sliced
2 leeks,thinly sliced
2 slices pancetta, diced
1 oz porcini mushrooms,reconstituted,save the liquid
1 ½ cups of grated cheese, combination of parmesan,cheddar,
Jarlsberg etc.
3 cups milk
4 Tbls butter
4 pinches nutmeg
salt and pepper
4 Tbls flour

Begin by  rendering the pancetta and place in a bowl.
In the same saute pan wilt the leeks and then add the chopped porcini mushrooms.
Meanwhile heat the milk on the stove with 1 clove of sliced garlic.

Begin the assembly
Butter the casserole dish and lay the potato slices to cover the bottome of the dish.
Sprinkle with some of the flour.
Sprinkle some of your leek,porcini and pancetta mixture.
Season with salt and pepper and nutmeg then sprinkle with some of the cheese.
Dot with some of the butter.

Repeat the layering process. Ending with potatoes and cheese.
Pour the scalded mild over the casserole. Then place on a baking sheet.
Bake for 50 to 60 minutes until the potatoes are tender.
Let the casserole rest for about 20 minutes.
It may be made a day ahead and reheated.
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Sweet Potoato