Hi welcome to "Cooking On The Block"
My name is Ellen Esposito "Chef Ellie Espo".
I've been a professional chef for thirty years and have
lived in New Jersey all my life.
My husband and I owned a catering business for ten
years which served numerous corporate and private
clients throughout the state.
My influences in cooking have been first of all my mother
Ann and her sister my aunt Bett who together taught me
all about baking.
My love for other types of cooking developed over time
by watching chefs on TV and reading books and various
food magazines .
Before I became a chef I was a lab technician at
Columbus Hospital in Newark,NJ. During the time I
worked at Colulmbus Hospital,where by the way I met my
husband,that area of Newark was predominantly an
Italian area.
That is where I first fell in love with Italian food,which
even today is my first love, although I do prepare many
other types of dishes.
For many years now people have been asking for my
help when it comes to preparing food for their friends
and family.That is what eventually led to my husband and
I doing videos,which I hope you all enjoy.
This web site will always be a work in progress, so I
encourage you to please send in your questions,
comments or suggestions and I promise I will do my best
to provide you with useful information,ideas and
Please return again soon
Until then,
Ciao and Buon Appetito
Yours truly
Chef Ellie Espo